Explore the Japanese culture while participating in a four-week, language-intensive program in the ancient capital of Kyoto. Many students participate in this stand-alone summer program prior to beginning a semesterlong study abroad program in Japan.


Students enroll at the Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language, which shares its campus with Kyoto University of Art and Design. The campus is nestled in the Kitashirakawa District, known for its many elegant cafes and shops. Numerous tourist attractions are nearby, such as the Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji, and Ryoanji temples, and Yasakajinja Shrine.


Students typically live in a homestay and receive two meals a day. While cultural activities are planned during the week, the weekend is usually reserved for students to spend time with their homestay families.

Academics and Coursework

After testing into a language level, students take a four-week, language-intensive course at the Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language (KICL). Additionally there are a number of cultural activities and electives to choose from, including Japanese Confectionery, Calligraphy, and Japanese Dancing.

Important Dates

The Kyoto Summer Language Program usually runs mid-July through mid-August. A mandatory orientation begins a few days before classes, during which students will be introduced to their homestay families.


Program costs + $500 Program fee

Additional expenses include, but are not limited to: international airfare, excursions, immunizations, and dining.


Mikiko Ludden

Instructor, Asian Studies Program

Wyatt Hall, Room 247