The following are commonly asked questions regarding the Jury Duty Policy.

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  1. What is the university’s Jury Duty Policy?
  2. To whom does the jury duty policy apply?
  3. Is a staff member paid during jury duty?
  4. What is the process of returning to work from jury duty?

I. Policy

The University of Puget Sound (the “university”) encourages a staff member to perform their civic duty by serving when called to jury duty and protects a staff member’s income to encourage this service. Unless job responsibilities require it, if jury duty would pose a hardship for the university to make alternative arrangements to meet business needs, the university will not ask or encourage a staff member to be excused from or postpone a call to jury duty.

II. Eligibility and Scope

A staff member called to jury duty is expected to present the letter from the court to his or her supervisor as soon as possible to establish the availability of time away from the university and, if necessary, to try to arrange necessary coverage for a staff member’s absence.

III. Jury Duty Pay

If a non-exempt staff member is required to perform jury duty, they will be paid his or her regular pay for hours of work missed due to jury duty. Hours reported as jury duty leave will not be included in the calculation of overtime.

An exempt staff member will continue to receive their regular salary for any time spent on a jury.

A staff member is expected to work his or her regular schedule on any day they are not required to be present in court. A staff member is also expected to work the remaining part of any scheduled workday if they are excused from jury duty with four or more hours remaining on their regular work schedule.

An exempt staff member should report jury duty leave in full-day increments. If the staff member works any part of a day, no leave should be reported.

IV. Return to Work

When a staff member has completed a jury duty assignment, he or she should request a Work Certification Report from Jury Administration and forward it to the Payroll Office within three business days of returning to work.

Origination Date 3/1974.
Revised: 2001, 3/16/2011.