Employment Date

A staff member's employment date- the date he or she began regular employment with the university- is important for several reasons. For example, it is used to determine when staff members become eligible for various benefits and the accrual rate at which staff members in non-exempt positions earn vacation.

If a staff member has worked at the university but had a break in service of more than one year, the staff member's employment date is the beginning date of his or her most recent continuous employment with the university.

Appointment Date

A staff member's appointment date is the date he or she began in the current job. If a staff member transfers to another position within the university and their department or job classification changes, the appointment date, and the employment date will differ. Appointment dates are generally used to determine a staff member's performance appraisal date.

Length of Service

The length of service is when the university employs a staff member from the employment date to the termination date. Authorized, unpaid personal leaves of absence or layoffs in excess of twenty (20) working days will not be included in determining a staff member's continuous service credits. A new employment date will be calculated. Staff members returning from approved, unpaid leaves of absence and staff members re-employed after layoffs (see the "Reduction in Force" policy in this section of the manual) will be credited with their prior service. Paid or unpaid military leaves of absence, paid or unpaid Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leaves, and paid or unpaid disability leaves will be included in determining continuous service credits. Former staff members rehired within one (1) year of voluntary termination will be credited with their prior service in determining the status of their benefits. A new employment date will be calculated.

Breaks in Service

A staff member's length of service is broken, and all rights and benefits forfeited in the following circumstances:

  • involuntary termination by the university;
  • voluntary termination if not re-employed within one (1) year of termination date;
  • failure to return from layoff as provided in the "Reduction in Force" policy in this section of the manual; and
  • remaining in a state of layoff for a continuous period of one (1) year or more.

Conversion from Temporary to Regular Employment Status

A staff member in a temporary position appointed to the same position regularly with no break in service will be granted continuous service credits from the date hired in the temporary position.

Origination Date: 9/1978.
Revised: 1996.