This Part-time Teaching Policy for Retired Faculty (“Policy”) is intended to allow eligible retired faculty members to continue teaching for a limited period of time post-retirement, thereby easing the transition from full-time teaching to complete retirement.

An eligible retired faculty member is a full-time tenured faculty member who retires from the university and whose performance continues to meet the university’s teaching excellence standards, determined by the university’s faculty evaluation process.

Faculty members who retire early or change careers under the university’s Early Retirement and Career Change Policy are not eligible to teach under this Policy.

Maximum Teaching Period
If the conditions described below are met, an eligible retired faculty member may continue teaching under this Policy on a part-time basis for up to five calendar years after the required break in service is described below.

Each applicant for a Teaching in Retirement position may elect to teach two or more courses a year during the maximum five-year term and must:

  • Be retiring from a tenured faculty position;
  • Complete a consecutive 26-week period of no employment at Puget Sound before assuming a Teaching in Retirement position; and
  • Obtain course assignment approval from the Department Chair and Academic Vice President each year.

Contract Terms
Under this Policy, a teaching contract will be an annual contract subject to (1) agreement on the courses to be taught and (2) satisfactory teaching performance, to be determined through the university’s evaluation process.

The total compensation for the two or more courses taught will be equivalent to one-sixth of the salary specified on the faculty salary schedule for persons of the same rank as the individual electing to teach under this Policy.

A retired faculty member teaching under this policy will have access to administrative support, shared office space, and other similar services, to be provided at the university’s sole discretion.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: October 7, 2016.