The university's Mail Services is located on the Wheelock Student Center (WSC 003). All Puget Sound students, as defined below, have a mailbox there and are expected to read, understand, and follow the Mail Services policy:

  1. It is expected that students check their Mail Services mailboxes each day that they attend classes.
  2. All university-related student mail (e.g., Registrar, Financial Ser-vices, Dean of Students, etc.) will be sent to Mail Services' student mailboxes (rather than to local street or campus addresses).
  3. All students residing in campus housing (residence halls, residence houses, Union Avenue houses) will receive all of their mail-in Mail Services mailboxes. Students shall not request direct mail delivery to campus residences by the United States Post Office (USPS) or other mail carriers.
  4. Students will be notified by email of the receipt of parcels, packages, and special handling mail, such as express, certified, etc. To retrieve this mail, students must identify the package by package number and provide a valid university student identification card.
  5. Unless notified to place a hold on mail (e.g., student illness, family emergency), Mail Services staff will hold student mail for seven days, consistent with USPS postal procedures. After seven days, Mail Services staff will notify students by e-mail or phone regarding mail on hold. If students do not retrieve such mail within three days of notification, it will be returned to the sender, consistent with postal procedures. Non-postmarked and bulk mail may be returned to the sender or discarded after seven days. No mail will be forwarded to an international address unless advance payment is obtained.
  6. Over-the-counter mail service will be provided for packages, parcels, express, and registered mail. Students will be required to present a valid university student identification card to retrieve their mail. Student mail will not be delivered to another student unless previous arrangements are coordinated in advance with Mail Services staff.
  7. Undergraduate and graduate students registered for at least one Puget Sound class, including Study Abroad courses, will be assigned mailboxes. Students will keep their mailboxes until they are no longer registered for courses (e.g., have graduated, are on leave of absence, are dismissed, or choose not to re-enroll) or until they go on affiliation. Non-matriculated students (e.g., students who are only auditing courses, Continuing Education students, high school students taking classes at the university) are not assigned mailboxes.
  8. All students who live at a local off-campus residence are expected to provide the university with their local address and telephone number. University-related student mail still is sent to mailboxes in Mail Services. Still, local contact information is important to have when students need to be located quickly by university staff in emergencies or regarding student business (i.e., financial aid issues, registration problems).
  9. Students should address their mail as follows:
    Student's Name
    xxxx Wheelock Student Mail Center
    Tacoma WA 98416-xxxx

    Note: xxxx denotes the assigned campus mailbox number as well as the postal ZIP + 4

  10. Refer all questions regarding Mail Services to:

    Campus Mail Services