This policy statement covers both paper and electronic documents and records of the University of Puget Sound (Puget Sound).


The purpose of this policy statement is to provide an overarching policy to govern the retention and destruction of Puget Sound’s documents and records, along with a specific delegation of authority to approve the specifics of which documents are retained for how long as appropriate.

Policy Statement:

Institutional records enable Puget Sound to remember its past, operate efficiently and successfully in our present, and plan for our Future. The University of Puget Sound will retain and dispose of its documents and records in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards to aid the university in complying with legal and fiscal requirements, increasing operational effectiveness, and preserving records of enduring historical value.

Assignment of Responsibilities:

Each member of the President’s Cabinet is responsible for ensuring that appropriate retention and destruction policies are in place for their responsibility areas.


The Board of Trustees originally adopted this document retention and destruction policy statement on May 13, 2011.