These guidelines establish priorities for the use of academic and other general university facilities to ensure that campus facilities are available to serve the university's interests as a whole. Part of the mission of facilities schedulers on campus is to ensure that meeting spaces continue to be available for faculty, staff, and students. To this end, some facilities may be held in reserve at various times of the year for the campus community's exclusive or priority use. Campus facilities will be available for use following the following guidelines. Reservations will be made on a first request basis, subject to the facility's need for higher-priority university use.

Campus Facility Use Priorities

  1. The sponsored university directly serves the primary institutional purposes for which the university was designed and maintained.
  2. The sponsored university uses serving educational, governance, or external relations purposes of general importance to the institution.
  3. The sponsored university uses serving particular campus groups and institutional purposes. Examples of these include programs that have non-university participants but are managed by university personnel and align with the university’s mission, such as the Puget Sound Music Camp, operated by a School of Music faculty member.
  4. Hosted uses by campus members or university alumni/alumnae and friends for events not sponsored by the university. Examples of these include programs that are important to the university but do not directly align with the university’s mission, such as the United Methodist Annual Conference.
  5. Uses by non-profit groups and organizations with a community service purpose for events not sponsored or hosted by the university.
    Uses by other on-campus groups and organizations for events not sponsored or hosted by the university.

Sponsor and Host Designations

Those programs which have an affiliation with the University of Puget Sound and therefore receive special considerations are designated in two ways: either they are “sponsored” or “hosted” by university faculty, staff, or campus departments.

  1. The Sponsor Relationship
    The designation of “sponsor” requires that the program has a strong affiliation with a campus department or departments of the University of Puget Sound. In order to qualify for this designation, a sponsoring department must have the written approval of the department head and must also support the university’s mission.
  2. The Host Relationship
    The designation of “host” requires that the program be affiliated with staff, a faculty member of the University of Puget Sound. In order to qualify for the host designation, the program must have a department head who affirms, in writing, that s/he or his or her department will act as host to the program. This type of program would not be viewed as supporting the university’s primary mission, and therefore would have a lower priority than a sponsored program.
  3. ASUPS or other students “sponsored” or “hosted” programs require prior approval by the Division of Student Affairs Office. Programs coordinated by faculty as a formal portion of academic courses do not require department head approval.

Guidelines for Reserving Campus Facilities

  1. Reservations for university facilities can be made through 25Live for on-campus persons or by completing this form for community members.
  2. Reservations for housing and dining facilities for summer program use are to be made through Conference Services, 253.879.3483. When conference groups also require using a combination of classrooms, lecture halls, athletic facilities, or playfields, Conference Services will negotiate use, schedules, and charges.
  3. Any single event that will bring more than 600 visitors to campus must be approved by the vice president responsible for that facility.
  4. Any assignment of space that leads to the exclusive use of a campus facility or facilities by any group must be approved by the vice-president responsible for that facility.
  5. Security Services must be consulted regarding parking and security issues before the approval of any group. Facility use may be denied based on parking or security issues.
  6. Any programs being held for fundraising purposes must conform to the University Policy Governing Student Fundraising Activity. The policy intends to shield university faculty, staff, alumni, and students from being solicited by non-university organizations. In addition, such activity is barred as such if it would alter the campus environment.
  7. As soon as any group is approved, the Office of Public Events should be notified immediately so that the event(s) may be placed on the university calendar.
  8. The use of outdoor facilities by external groups is prohibited during fall and spring semesters.

Terms of Use

Certain restrictions must be imposed on campus facilities users to protect the university's primary functions, public image, institutional integrity, and tax-exempt status.

Tax Considerations
The university complies with all federal, state, and local tax requirements.

Promotional Disclaimer
Users may not state or imply University sponsorship or endorsement of their activities without the university’s consent. Promotional material and advertising for non-university sponsored activities must include the following disclaimer: "This is not a University of Puget Sound program."

The filming or photography of activities or facilities on campus for external use purposes requires prior approval by the Office of Communications. It may require compensation to the university and compliance with a filming/photography agreement.

General Conditions
University rules and regulations must be respected and followed by all users of facilities. These rules include but are not limited to the following:

  • Users may not engage in activity that interferes with the university’s programs and freedom of movement by the campus community.
  • Users must communicate with university representatives in an appropriate, professional manner.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed in university facilities unless approved in advance by the university and where an appropriate state liquor permit has been obtained.
  • Traffic and parking regulations are in effect at all times. Copies of regulations are available on request.
  • Users who have become a nuisance may be asked to leave the premises and be prosecuted if they refuse to.
  • The university may require users to maintain and provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage.
  • Activities that generate significant outdoor noise are prohibited between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • The university may impose additional or special restrictions on facility usage as needed.

Use Fees

All use of university facilities by non-university-related groups is subject to fees to cover utilities, maintenance, security, parking, and other costs. If the user requires special services or equipment from the university, additional charges may be made for these services.

Fees for all facilities will be paid according to the External User Fee Schedule, and the designated university official is responsible for administering this policy.

Upon request for the use of the university's facilities, the fee to be assessed will be determined and the user notified in writing through the Campus Facility Use Agreement. Rates for facilities will be assessed according to the specific facility used and the program’s level of priority.

Agreement Authority

The Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and the Provost co-administer these policies. Policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

External users will sign Campus Facility Use Agreements appropriate to the space and nature of use. As identified in Puget Sound’s Contract Policy, university representatives authorized to sign agreements must have formal, delegated contract authority to do so.