The university provides medical leaves to most staff members under its Family and Medical Leave Act policy. The purpose of the disability leave policy is to provide medical leaves for staff members who do not otherwise qualify for an FMLA leave. The university will grant disability leaves to non-FMLA eligible staff members for their actual period of disability subject to this policy's provisions.

Staff members must use any accrued sick, vacation, holiday, or bonus day benefits during this leave. If none are available, or if such benefits are exhausted during the leave, the leave is unpaid.

An eligible staff member may continue to receive group medical or dental coverage during any unpaid portion of a disability leave by paying the premiums in accordance with COBRA regulations.

Any staff member who returns to work immediately following the period of actual disability as verified by the staff member's health care provider shall be entitled to return to the same position or a similar position, at the same rate of pay, except in the event of business necessity (e.g., the staff member's job has been eliminated during the leave due to reduction in force, the staff member's job could no longer be held open without imposing undue hardship on the university).


A staff member must complete a Leave of Absence Request Form and submit it to his or her department head no later than thirty (30) days before the leave's expected start date, except in cases of emergency.

Staff members should submit, with the leave request, a certification from a physician regarding the nature of the disability and the anticipated period of absence from work.

If the staff member is unable to return as planned due to extended disability, the staff member must submit a written request for a disability leave extension to their department head.

If a staff member decides not to return to work, the staff member must notify her or his department head as soon as possible prior to the end of the leave so that the department may begin making alternative staffing plans.

Origination Date: 1996.