Knowledge of communication can be beneficial to any career. If you enjoy studying communication, but do not plan on pursuing it as a career, consider taking as many communication courses as you can fit into your elective selections. You might choose to double major or minor in communication studies.

It is well recognized that communication plays a vital role in the functioning of any government, business, or industrial organization. A national study indicates that the essential skills needed by a competent employee to get a job and to succeed and be promoted are primarily communication skills.

Careers in business and communication

  • sales representative
  • executive manager
  • personnel manager
  • public information officer
  • industrial and labor relations representative
  • negotiator
  • director of corporate communication
  • customer service representative
  • newsletter editor
  • communication trainer
  • human resources manager
  • mediator
  • buyer

Also see Law, Electronic Media, Public Relations and Advertising.

Communication courses that can enhance a business career

  • interpersonal communication
  • research methods
  • organizational communication
  • persuasion
  • contemporary issues in organizational communication
  • intercultural communication
  • communication and diversity
  • communication and conflict