Mail Services is a distribution center for the U.S. Postal Service and campus mail for the university's students, staff, and faculty.

Campus mail should include names and campus mailbox (CMB). The sender should also include his/her CMB if delivery cannot be made.

Flyers or event notices going through campus mail should be dropped-off well in advance of the event.

Mail and Overnight Cut-off Times

See the Services & Rates page for information on cut-off times.

Preparation of Bulk Permit Mailings

The mailroom processes bulk mailings. A minimum of two days is needed for processing.

Bulk mailings must be prepared with precision and meet Post Office standards for sorting, bundling, bagging, etc. Each piece must be printed with the bulk mail imprint or rubber stamped with the bulk mail imprint in the upper right hand corner. (Rubber stamp available in mailroom.) Please contact Andrea S Brown, Mail Services Coordinator for assistance at ext.3315.

Note: All pieces must be identical.

  1. Every piece must have a zip code.
  2. Standard 2 letter abbreviations for states must be used; zip code must be on the same line as the city and state.
  3. Pieces must be in exact zip code order, not banded or bundled.
  4. Envelopes must be sealed.
  5. Brochures must close flat, and be tabbed at top of piece and tab on the right side of the piece of mail.
  6. There must be an exact count of total pieces (minimum 200 pieces, 1000 maximum).
  7. Two sample copies must be included.
  8. No Canada, Mexico or Foreign pieces may go bulk.
  9. Each piece must have the university return address (1500 N. Warner).
  10. Envelopes must measure a minimum of 3.5 x 5 inches and be rectangular. All postcards will go as envelope size rate.
  11. An account number for the mailing to be charged to must be provided.
  12. No personal messages written on mailing piece.