• Cultivate active critical reflection and questioning—to learn from practice, to improve practice, and to support teacher learning as a life-long process of growth
  • Create productive and challenging learning environments—to support and assess student intellectual, social and emotional growth, active engagement, and sense of belonging
  • Interrogate personal biases and social location—to actively pursue culturally-responsive practice and to contribute collaboratively to the ongoing work of equity


The MAT program is one of three programs in the School of Education. Using a reflective, collaborative and justice-oriented approach we prepare teachers who create productive learning environments, critically reflect on their teaching and student learning, and interrogate their own biases and confront inequities in schools. As a teacher candidate in our MAT program you will have the opportunity to explore questions related to this work, such as: How can I create a productive learning environment to meaningfully engage my students? How can I foster students' academic, social, and emotional development? How can I learn from and improve my teaching? How can I confront bias and inequity in my school?

In one academic year candidates earn Washington state residency certification and a master’s degree. You will experience intentional school-based placements, small collaborative classes, active development of cultural competence, and personal mentoring from faculty members and local school teachers.


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Sarah Berkley MAT'15

"[My] placement offered me an experienced, inspirational mentor who was very open and responsive to my needs and my ideas."