Faculty's Role in Providing Exam Accommodations

  • Exams should arrive 24 hours in advance of the exam time.
  • Preferred Method: Exams can be uploaded directly to our secure data base via the Faculty Module. Access the Faculty Module from your My Puget Sound page, by clicking on "Student Accommodation" under the "Teaching" section.
  • Exams can also be delivered to the SAA reception in Howarth 105 or emailed to saa@pugetsound.edu. For these methods of delivery, you will need to attach an Exam Cover Sheet (for questions on the Exam Cover Sheet, please refer to the Instructions for using the fillable form).
  • If you are completing an exam over the weekend for a Monday exam, please email saa@pugetsound.edu and let us know you will be sending it sometime over the weekend
  • SAA will proctor the exam and return it as indicated, when uploaded or on the Exam Cover Sheet.
  • Send corrections to an exam in progress to saa@pugetsound.edu. This email is monitored the entire time students are in the SAA testing space.
  • Students take the exam during class time. However, the extended time is calculated by SAA staff and it will be added either before or after the normal class start time, depending on the student’s schedule.

Please keep in mind:

  • Students must have a disability and be registered with SAA (as indicated by the accommodation forms they bring to faculty for signature during the semester).
  • Students must sign up to take exams in SAA at least 4 days prior to their exam.
  • Students must inform their professors, well in advance, of their intention to take each exam in SAA. These details should be discussed when the student meets with faculty and asks them to sign the accommodation form.