SAA is here to support you too! Please do not hesitate to email or for assistance with concerns, accessibility questions, and implementing accommodations.

SAA/Faculty Advisory Board 

The mission of the SAA Faculty Advisory Board is to facilitate communication and promote common understanding between the Office of Student Accommodation and Accessibility and faculty members, and to assist faculty in teaching, implementing accommodations, and understanding students with various disabilities. It does this by providing spaces and events where the perspectives and concerns of faculty and SAA can be discussed and creative solutions can be crafted. The committee will also discuss SAA policies and procedures for which faculty input is needed, including challenges that arise in the implementation of accommodations.

Faculty Resource

A resource for faculty discussion and liaison on accessibility and accommodation issues is the SAA Faculty Advisory Board, chaired by Benjamin Tromly ( in 2020-2021. The SAA Faculty Advisory Board works closely with Peggy Perno and is eager to respond to feedback and requests. As we progress through the semester things may come up that we have not anticipated, and we will continue to update this GoogleDoc. Please do not hesitate to give SAA feedback.