Overnight Rates for Summer 2020

Costs associated with hosting an overnight program at Puget Sound generally fall into three different categories: lodging, food service, and facilities. Each of these categories are outlined below, along with information on local sales tax and common additional charges. Please reach out to Conference Services at 253.879.3483 or conferences@pugetsound.edu if you have any questions!

Rates listed are current for Summer 2020.

Lodging Rates

For more information about lodging accommodations, please see our lodging overview. Lodging rates are not subject to state or local sales tax. Groups are required to have a minimum of 20 resident participants, with each resident staying a minimum of two nights.

Lodging rates also include 24/7 emergency response from Security Services, which can be reached from any cellular phone or campus phone.

Traditional Residence Halls, 2-6 nights, per person/per night

Single Occupancy, with linen $47.00
Multiple Occupancy, with linen $39.00
Single Occupancy, without linen $34.00
Multiple Occupancy, without linen $25.00

Traditional Residence Halls, 7 or more nights, per person/per night

Single Occupancy, with linen $44.00
Multiple Occupancy, with linen $36.00
Single Occupancy, without linen $32.00
Multiple Occupancy, without linen $24.00

Deluxe Accommodations (linen included), per person/per night

Trimble or Thomas Hall, 2-6 nights $60.00
Trimble or Thomas Hall, 7 or more nights $55.00

Food Service Rates

Overnight programs are required to purchase a meal plan for each participant for the duration of their stay on campus. Prices below reflect the cost of all-you-care-to-eat meals in The Diner, located in Wheelock Student Center. Event planners may opt to replace a meal in The Diner with a meal provided by Catering Services, which would be priced separately. More information about meals while staying at Puget Sound can be found on our Dining and Catering page.

meal costs, 2-6 nights on campus, per person/per meal

Breakfast $8.75
Lunch $10.75
Dinner $12.75

Meal Costs, 7 or more nights on campus, per person/per meal

Breakfast $8.10
Lunch $10.20
Dinner $12.05

Meal costs apply to both resident participants and commuters whose meals are pre-purchased as part of a commuter meal package. Commuting guests may elect to individually purchase a meal while on campus for a slightly higher rate. Sales tax is applied to all food service charges at the current local rate of 10.2%.

Facilities Rates

Puget Sound is proud to provide excellent facilities for guests, which is made possible by charging a Facilities Use Fee. While there are a few spaces with more expensive upkeep that require an additional cost, the Facilities Fee covers the vast majority of needs while on campus. For more information about facilities at Puget Sound, please read about our Meeting Spaces.

The Facilities Fee provides free rental of conference rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, a movie theatre, and non-athletic green space as available. It also includes free parking across campus, wireless internet in every building, most audio/visual equipment, most set-ups and take-downs, and signage that will point your participants to registration and check-in. In addition, the Facilities Fee allows your individual guests to access Puget Sound's Fitness Center and Wallace Pool during open hours at no charge!

Conference Services is also happy to provide 24/7 on-call assistance as part of the Facilities Fee. Whether you lock yourself out of your room at 2pm or forget a Mac adapter for your 8pm class session, we'll be there to help as soon as possible.

facilities fee, per person/per day

Staying on Campus for 2-6 nights $8.25
Staying on Campus for 7 or more nights $8.00

Facilities Fees apply to all participants of your program, whether they are residing on campus or commuting for a day. There is no state or local sales tax on the Facilities Fee.

Common Surcharges

Event Support Charge

If you would like Puget Sound staff to be present through the duration of an event, we require a $25 per hour Event Support Charge as well as written notice two weeks before the  first day of your program. While the Facilities Fee allows for Puget Sound staff to respond 24/7 to your needs on an on-call basis, we cannot guarantee an immediate dispatch of staff without prior notice. Booking Event Support guarantees that a staff member will be present to troubleshoot with you and help you feel comfortable in our facilities, but our staff are not expected to aid with programmatic support (such as setting name cards or hanging decorations).

Please note that Schneebeck Concert Hall always requires Event Support, and Kilworth Memorial Chapel requires Event Support whenever Puget Sound's sound system is in use. In addition, use of Athletic Facilities in the Memorial Fieldhouse often requires Event Support on early mornings, evenings and weekends.

Premium Facility Rental

Schneebeck Concert Hall, capacity 500, is $150 per day to reserve. In addition, it requires Event Support (see above) during any setup and cleanup times.

Athletic Facilities Fee of $1 per person per day is required if your program would like to reserve any Athletic Facilities at Puget Sound. It includes the Tennis Pavilion, Warner Gym, Main Gym, Wallace Pool, and athletic fields. It applies to each participant in your program, but only on the days that you utilize Athletic Facilities. In addition, individual participants are always welcome to use the Tennis Pavilion, Fitness Center, or Wallace Pool with a free guest pass, as this fee only applies to exclusive rental of those spaces.


If you wish to print or make copies on-site, Conference Services will charge 10 cents per copy to your program.

For every lost room key or access card, the program will be charged $25. If the on-site event coordinator loses a specially issued key, that may carry a higher charge.