The Virtual Job Shadow pilot initiative, launching in Spring 2022, seeks to connect alumni with faculty members, to engage students with career-related concepts.


Proposed and led by Puget Sound alumni, with support from Career and Employment Services (CES), the Virtual Job Shadow program will bring an alum into a relevant class (or student group) to share a brief story about their career journey, followed by the presentation, evaluation, and discussion of a case study.

By inviting alumni to share a relevant case study from their professional experience and then facilitating a classroom discussion, we create a natural opportunity for students to meet alumni in a familiar space, and reinforce the important role that alumni have as partners in helping students envision life beyond Puget Sound.

Initially, alumni will reach out to faculty members who they are familiar with. Faculty can also contact CES to express interest and to be connected with an alum whose career experience might add value to the coursework.

Here's a sample of a 60-minute virtual class visit:

•    Introduction to alum, including highlights of their career journey and how their Puget Sound education was foundational: 10 minutes
•    Introduction and overview of case study: 5 minutes
•    Student discussion (entire class or small groups, per instructor preference): 15 minutes
•    Case debrief with faculty member and alumni: 15-20 minutes
•    General Q&A: 10-15 minutes