Terms and Conditions

Logger Link is a system designed to foster connection, professional growth, and mentorship. It is a place for learning, trust, and practice. Establishing and maintaining mentorship relationships takes effort, care, and understanding. 

Logger Link is a resource provided by the University of Puget Sound (powered by the People Grove platform), explicitly for the use of Puget Sound-affiliated members who have been authorized to use the system. As such, users are expected to act consistently with the university’s social media best practices and abide by all University of Puget Sound Campus-wide policies and practices including the Code of Conduct, Student Integrity Code, Campus Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment, Policy Prohibiting Sex-Based Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct, Policy on Political Activity and Lobbying, and Solicitation Policy.

By activating an account, all users agree to the following individual responsibilities:

  • I understand that I represent myself and the University of Puget Sound through my involvement in the alumni-student mentorship program. In communication and interactions both within and outside of the People Grove Logger Link platform, I will act in a respectful manner.
  • If I choose to meet in person, I will take individual responsibility for my health and safety.

Failure to comply with any of the Community Expectations and Terms and Conditions of Use could result in expulsion from the platform, disciplinary action, or other university sanctions.  The university strives to assure that Logger Link is used for its intended purpose and therefore will remove content that violates these Community Expectations and Terms and Conditions and notify you of this action.  If you believe your content was removed in error, you may request a review.  More than one violation by a user may result in either temporary or permanent suspension from use, and any serious violation could result in the user’s suspension after one incident as determined in the discretion of the university. 

Community Expectations

Kindness first, and always
Logger Link is a welcoming environment and inclusive platform. Treating one another with civility and respect is paramount.

No hate speech or bullying
Everyone deserves to feel safe in this space, and in all mentorship-related interactions. Degrading comments about topics and identities including (but not limited to sex (including pregnancy and parenting status), race, color, nation of origin, religion, creed, age, disability, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, gender identity, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and applicable federal, state or local laws will not be tolerated.

No promotions, spam, or solicitation
Self-promotion of products, services, or goods is prohibited. Do not use or provide any Logger Link participant’s email, address, or other identifying information to anybody unless specifically authorized to do so.

Respect everyone’s privacy
Mentorship relationships are rooted in trust. As such, we ask that you hold any information shared—details about an organization’s products/clients/customers/challenges, experiences disclosed during mentorship conversations, or other identifying information—as confidential unless you are given permission to share. Others’ stories and experiences, employer information, school records, etc. are theirs to share, and theirs alone. What’s shared between mentor and mentee stays with mentor/mentee.

Maintain confidentiality of protected information
You may learn confidential or proprietary or other protected or sensitive information.  It is important that you maintain the confidentiality of such information.  Do not disclose, post or share such information.  In addition, do not disclose, post, or share any protected university information, data, or materials.  If you have questions:

Accountability is important
Please make every effort to keep all scheduled meetings. We understand that sometimes unexpected things come up—so if that happens, please alert your mentor/mentee in a timely manner and reschedule promptly (unless extenuating circumstances apply).

Be an exceptional university representative
Participants in Logger Link act as agents of the university so participants not only represent themselves, but the university as well. We expect all participants to strive to present themselves in professional manners through all interactions and communications. Logger Link is not a forum to lodge complains about the University of Puget Sound.

Take good care of yourself
If you choose to meet in-person, ensure your health and safety comes first. Meet in public spaces during regular business hours, tell somebody where you are going and what time you expect to return, and bring a mask to be prepared.  Also, always be mindful of what personal information you choose to share.

If you see something, say something
Please let us know if you see or experience something of concern related to Logger Link mentorship at the University of Puget Sound, including anything that violates the standards listed in these terms and conditions.  Please report any concerns by contacting: