The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations is responsible for providing excellent stewardship of the information entrusted to it by Puget Sound alumni and parents. The Office provides rosters and other information – for authorized use only – to faculty, staff, students, and volunteers working on behalf of the University of Puget Sound.

The only authorized use of alumni and parent information is to facilitate work on official university initiatives. The university does not disclose alumni or parent contact information to internal or external persons for purposes outside of official university business without the expressed permission of those alumni or parents. Use of this information for any other purpose violates the university’s privacy policy and breaches the trust alumni place in Puget Sound. Such violations include, but are not limited to, any non-university communications including communication of a personal nature, dissemination by any means of all or part of the information provided, reproduction and storage in a retrieval system by any means, and using the information for private, commercial, religious, or political mailings.

I hearby acknowledge my responsibility to deal discreetly with the confidential records or other information provided by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. I represent that I have read and agree to abide by the terms of use and the policies described above.
The electronic signature and contact information below will be kept on file with the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.
My signature acknowledges my responsibility as a volunteer to the University of Puget Sound, and is my binding agreement to the above conditions.
I understand this is a legal representation of my signature.