The Audio Studio is a recording space equipped with pre-amps, two built-in microphones and sound dampening panels for audio recording. The Audio Studio is located in the lower level of the Library, in LI-016.



The Audio Studio can be reserved by appointment, please contact about availability. Reservations can be for up to 3 hours and are only available during Media Services open hours.

First time using the space? Please inform a Media Services staff member while scheduling your reservation so we can make time to take you through the system equipment and set expectations about using the space.


The Audio Studio features the following software:

  • Audacity 2.4.2,
  • Pro Tools 2019
  • Luna 1.0
  • Camtasia 2019
  • Snag It 2019
  • GarageBand 
  • OBS
  • iMovie

Lost or Stolen Equipment

Similar to our check out policies, whenever you reserve the Audio Studio, you are liable for all equipment in the space at your time of reservation. If equipment is found to be missing after your reservation you will be liable to purchase replacements for the missing equipment.