University of Puget Sound President Isiaah Crawford is featured alongside other esteemed college and university presidents in the "President to President" thought series, distributed electronically throughout the 2023-24 academic year. The series explores the environmental priorities of 10 college presidents and their campus strategies for a sustainable future driven by change-making insights.

Guided by Executive Editor Scott D. Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan University, this series presents thought-provoking chapters written by collegiate presidents. These chapters will offer valuable insights into leadership, innovation, and the challenges confronting higher education institutions.

"As we navigate the post-pandemic era, we must recognize that climate action planning is necessary to ensure the long-term health of Puget Sound,” said Crawford. “Contributing to the 'President to President' series allows us to share our novel approach to formulating a decarbonization strategy that not only allows us to reach our goals, but to engage our entire campus community in the effort—a strategy we hope other small, liberal arts universities can emulate."

Crawford’s chapter, “Reimagining Campus Sustainability in a Post-COVID World,” focuses on the university’s climate action planning in a post-COVID environment. At Puget Sound, our commitment to combating the climate crisis is evident through the proactive efforts of our students. A prime example is our Sustainability Services team, which is predominantly run by students. These student workers are pivotal in managing campus waste collection and recycling initiatives. Student involvement extends to organizing eco-centric events such as Grizz's Garage, a unique sale during move-in where students can purchase pre-owned furnishings and decor. Through this work, they promote sustainable practices and foster a culture of responsible consumption.

In advocating for environmental justice, our students and university leaders have aligned to take more comprehensive actions. Student voices and initiatives have contributed to Puget Sound's climate action planning process, a collaborative effort that requires the involvement of the entire campus community. This inclusive approach aligns with the values of the "President to President" series, sponsored by the global services company Sodexo. For more information about the series and access to the archive of chapters since 2016, please visit