From Ancient Myth to Jazz History, Puget Sound provides a wide selection of Summer Term courses available in two sessions between May and July. Enrolled students have the opportunity to stay on campus for in-person or hybrid classes while experiencing summertime in Tacoma. Students can also enjoy the flexibility that fully remote courses have to offer.

Last summer, English major Rowan Baiocchi ’25 skipped the stress of making room in a semester schedule by knocking out their core curriculum requirements in math and science through summer course offerings.

“Math and science are not my jam and I was excited to get those out of the way,” they said. “Six weeks of class instead of a full semester? Much more doable for me.” Baiocchi took Oceanography to fulfill a natural science core, and they recall their six weeks of Intro to Stats as painless under the instruction of “the best math teacher I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

Core curriculum classes are available during both sessions. Completing a core during the summer allows more wiggle room during the school year to fulfill other requirements for students pursuing a double major or minor, or preparing to apply to medical or graduate school. Summer term also allows students to branch outside their major and explore courses of general interest.

“I was able to clear up my schedule for things that I not only want to take but need to take—like higher-level English classes,” says Baiocchi.