Peer advisors serve as mentors and advocates for first-year students.

A student’s first year on campus can be daunting, but students at the University of Puget Sound don’t have to face the challenges of acclimating to college life alone. Through the long-running Peer Advisor program, incoming students are paired up with juniors and seniors who provide them with support and mentorship. The program provides a vital connection between new students and the wealth of resources available at Puget Sound.

Denali Nelson ’24 started her Puget Sound education in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not being able to physically be on campus made it hard to feel connected, but her peer advisor was a vital lifeline to the university. That experience inspired Nelson to apply to the program as a junior.

“It’s a unique relationship, because your peer advisor is someone who knows exactly what it feels like to be new on campus,” says Nelson. “It allows students to be more honest and more forthcoming with whatever they may be dealing with. They're not all hard things; we also love to celebrate the successes.”