Karen Sales needed a living donor to save her failing liver. She never dreamed that the person who stepped up would be a fellow Logger.

When Shannon Hughes ’92 and Karen Moore Sales ’92 were students at Puget Sound in the late 1980s, they knew of each other, but they weren’t much more than acquaintances. They were both interested in business careers, but Hughes majored in business administration and Sales was in the Business Leadership Program. They both lived in Anderson/Langdon Hall, but Hughes was on the basement floor and Sales was on the second. They were both in sororities, but Hughes chose Pi Beta Phi while Sales opted for Alpha Phi. Today, each has only a vague memory of the other. “We had friends in common, but I think maybe it wasn’t the right time in our lives to get to know each other,” Hughes says. “Maybe we weren’t at a place where we needed to find each other.

“And then, 30-plus years later, there was a need.”

That need arose when Sales, who had battled health problems for years, learned last year that she needed a liver transplant. Unable to qualify for a cadaver donor, she posted a plea on Facebook, seeking a living donor who would be willing to offer a part of their own liver. It was a long shot, but Sales says she was encouraged by others to share her story.

Hughes, through mutual Logger friends, saw the post and stepped forward. And on Sept. 22, 2023, at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Hughes donated a part of her liver to Sales, saving her life.