Virtual Symposium

Explore video and photos from our 2015 LIASE Southeast Asia Symposium, including our keynote presentation, student research panels, and performance by Chaopraya Ensemble.

Keynote Presentation

Professor Philip Dearden of the University of Victoria is an esteemed scholar of marine conservation in Southeast Asia and a leader in incentive-based conservation and working with communities to generate benefits from conservation activities. His talk is titled "Highlands to Islands: Insights on Conservation and Culture from Thailand"

Philip Dearden



Student Research Panel 1 

Our first student research panel features presentations from undergraduates involved in our 2015 LIASE field school, who studied and conducted research on issues related to biodiversity and conservation. Their projects involved a semester of study on our campus, as well as three weeks in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Sam Hain - Invasive Species in Borneo

Kieran O'Neil - Bleeding Heart: Disentangling the Illicit Wildlife Trade in Borneo and Southeast Asia

Jack Marshall & Robin Hopkins - Settling the SCORE: The Cost of Hydropower on Development and Conservation in Sarawak

Franco Ramos - A Different portrayal of Indigeneity in Malaysian Borneo

Camille Sachs - Impact of Land Tenure Policy on Swidden Agriculture as Seen in the Literature



Student Research Panel 2

Our second student research panel features research presentations from students on our 2014-15 Pacific Rim Asia Study-Travel Program (PacRim), in which all students conduct in-depth independent study projects. In this past year's program, which was co-led by LIASE Symposium Director Gareth Barkin, a number of students conducted projects focused on Southeast Asia-related topics, as the group spent extended periods of time in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, while also traveling through Malaysia and Singapore. 

Ian Craighead - English as a Prestige Language in Indonesia

Nick Tucker - Perceived Authenticity and Souvenir Purchasing Behaviors: An Examination of (auto-)Orientalist Representations of Vietnam

Erik Hammarlund - Creating Cities: Political Capacity and Urban Policy in China and Vietnam

MacKenzie Schledorn-Rudden - Big Roar, No Bite – The Paper Tiger of Southeast Asia

Danya Axelrad-Hausman - Holy Rivers from Hell and Monastic Trees: A multi-Regional Study of Environmental Concern and Culture


 Chaopraya Ensemble Performance

We were honored to welcome the members of Chaopraya to our campus for a performance of Thai music and dance. Chaopraya Ensemble was formed in the spring of 2001 with the intent to provide opportunity for the children of Thai immigrants in the Puget Sound area to keep alive and learn about their ancestor’s cultural heritage, especially in music and dance. Some of its members have, however, been performing together in the Puget Sound region since 1976. The ensemble performs Thai classical and folk music on traditional Thai instruments as well as a wide range of dances, from lively regional folk dances to the graceful and stylish court dances. 

Chaopraya Ensemble