There are a number of reflection opportunities for students involved in co-curricular experiential learning at Puget Sound. Below you will find sample reflection exercises used by Puget Sound faculty and staff with student activity groups and students working with the Center for Writing and Learning, Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement, Student Affairs, and the Department of Economics.

ENVR 357: Environmental Challenge – Experience: Competition

Freedom Education Project Puget Sound – Experience: Tutors

Summer Immersion Internship Program – Experience: Internship

Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement –

Experience: MLK, Jr. Day of Service

Experience: Student Leaders

Student Affairs –

Experience: Outdoor Leadership Experience

Experience: Freshman Orientation Passages Leader

Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching –

Experience: Tutor

Experience: Tutor as Tutee

Experience: Weekly Tutor Sessions

Economics Department Course Assistant –

Experience: Assist Professor in an Introductory Economics course

Experience: Create an end-of-course Competition for all Intro Econ students