Coming from being an MAT candidate

Coming from being an MAT candidate

to now being an MAT mentor, I deeply appreciate the time to build a collaborative relationship between student teacher & mentor. It allows for genuine, honest reflection & thoughtful work for what is best for students. Partnering with UPS has deepened my practice as an educator. ~C.J. Martin (MAT '13)

Personalized Teaching Placements

The support of an experienced and dedicated K–12 mentor, invested in your growth as a teacher, is important to us. For this reason, we go to great lengths to make the best placements for you.

Thoughtful Pairings

We know our mentor teachers well, many of whom are alumni of our program. We intentionally match personalities and teaching styles to create the best learning experiences and opportunities for your growth. In the fall, you share your classroom internships with an MAT peer to support collegial discussion about classroom teaching and learning. In the spring, you are paired with a student teaching mentor dedicated to supporting your continued professional development.

Local Schools

The School of Education is located in Tacoma, within Pierce County, and is committed to the development and growth of local K–12 students. We work with district and school level administrators and teachers to find the best placement for you.



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