Graduate Fellowships Advisory Committee

Kelli Delaney, Director, Fellowships Office
Greta Austin, Religion, Chair and Fellowships Advisor
Martin Jackson
, Associate Dean, Mathematics
Katherine Smith, History
Mengjun Li, Foreign Languages
Kate Stirling, Economics
Jeff Grinstead, Chemistry
Rachel DeMotts, Politics & Government
Peter Hodum, Biology

The Fellowship Advisory Committee helps to promote all opportunities for fellowships and scholarships that are received by the university. The committee meets to review those applications which require a university nomination and interviews students as required for such nominations. Committee members may also serve as faculty designates for individual scholarships giving assistance to students throughout the application process. This committee seeks to identify students who may be interested in and encourage them to apply for scholarships. Students who wish to learn more about the application process, should visit the Fellowships Office or email Sharon Chambers-Gordon at