There are literally hundreds of scholarships to which students and post graduates can apply. Many of these (external scholarships) require that the student apply through the university which they attend. At University of Puget Sound, students must apply through the Fellowships Office for those which require a school nomination or endorsement.

The members of this committee and the faculty who work with each individual scholarship (see table below), assist each student applicant in the preparation of their application. It is up to each student, however, to submit a well-written application that can be then nominated.

While the major fellowships such as Rhodes, Fulbright, and Rotary require a school nomination, many others do not. For those as well as the nominated scholarships, we do recommend that students seek assistance from the Graduate and Undergraduate Fellowships office and other university support services such as the Center for Writing and Learning in order to insure that each application is a strong as it can be and representative of the students' best work.

Below are listed the major fellowship/scholarship opportunities available for students at Puget Sound which are linked to a page giving a brief description of each. From there you can go directly to each scholarship's Home Page.

This list covers the major scholarships, in particular those which require an Institutional Nomination. There are many others to which students can apply. Interested students should use web search engines, library resources, and inquire in the Graduate and Undergraduate Fellowships Office, Howarth 114J, for information on other scholarship opportunities. You may also search for fellowships by study interest. Prospective graduate students should check with each institution to which they apply for financial aid available directly from that school.