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I acknowledge my obligation as a member of the Puget Sound community who subscribes to the university’s integrity code. I recognize my obligation to conduct myself responsibly and honorably throughout the application process, and to be fair, civil, and honest with all participants in the application process. I will be forthcoming with all information (both academic and personal) that may affect my ability to participate in the fellowship opportunity. I know the university nomination or support may be withdrawn if I do not abide by these provisions, or am unwilling or unable to complete the final stages of the application process, which may include substantial revision of the written application. I understand that information created and shared for the application process will be confidential, and shared only on a need-to-know basis with members of the Puget Sound community. 

I understand that if I am nominated to represent the university there are a set of expectations to be met. The expectations are: start communication with mentors starting immediately after nomination notification; keep in close contact with those mentors during this revision process; take feedback from mentors and revise application materials in a timely fashion; and meet all deadlines given during the nomination process to include signing up for interviews and mock interviews. If these expectations are not met in the judgment of the chair of the Graduate Faculty Advisory Committee and the Associate Director of the Office of Fellowships the university nomination may be withdrawn.

I understand that the Fellowships Office may need to access my personal, conduct, and academic information. By signing below, I am giving the Fellowships Office staff members permission to do so, and they may share my name and information with appropriate faculty/staff as necessary to access that information.

I waive my rights to view letters of recommendation, nomination letters and reviewer comments. 

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