The process for applying for any scholarship or fellowship is lengthy and precise. By that, we mean, attention to detail is absolutely required--both in meeting deadlines and in completing the essays and proposals which are required.

Though virtually any student attending University of Puget Sound can apply, it is the student who not only is academically well-prepared but it is one who prepares a unique, eye-catching proposal who most often receives an interview or finalist status.

Most scholarships require essays which describe why and what you want to study. How you portray your individual interests and experiences is what will set you apart. Most scholarship programs are seeking individuals who have distinguished themselves on their campus and in the community--students who recognize the importance of a multi-cultural understanding, as well as social and political issues--in the world around them. More information on writing essays can be found by reading Hints for a Successful Essay.

The process of application often begins as early as the freshmen year with an expressed interest and develops during the remaining years. A suggested plan emphasizes the importance of cultivating faculty mentors and working on a project or study interest which fits the scholarship to which you want to apply. See frequently asked questions.

Once you have studied the Scholarship/Fellowship Summary, visited the websites of those scholarships you are interested in, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Associate Director of Fellowships and file an Initial Interest Form.