Puget Sound Strength and Conditioning Coach Brent Roling shares his top three tips for productive at-home workouts.

“One of the benefits of quarantine—if there are any benefits—is that people realize they don’t have to necessarily go to a gym to work out,” says Puget Sound Strength and Conditioning Coach Brent Roling.

Roling is usually very hands-on, designing unique workout and nutrition programs for individual student-athletes based on the time of year and what phase of preparation (“general” or “specific”) they are in according to their sport. Players in the “specific phase” receive programs tailored to help them prepare for their position. For example, a baseball or softball player’s program may include numerous rotational movement elements, preparing the body for lots of swinging and throwing. A basketball or volleyball player’s program might have more overhead movements, prepping them for shooting, rebounding, and spiking.