The state’s Supreme Court pays the university a visit.

The Washington State Supreme Court went on the road in September, setting up shop on the Puget Sound campus for two days. It was the third visit to campus for the state’s highest court; justices made similar visits in 2013 and 2017.

“We don’t just hear cases—we also go to classes, answer questions, and learn from the questions that that are asked to us,” says Justice Susan Owens, who co-chairs the Traveling Court Committee. “Traveling court allows a wide variety of people who want to know more about the justice system to see it at no expense.”

Hosting the court is an honor, says Puget Sound President Isiaah Crawford. “This gathering embodies our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the legal system and its impact on our society,” he says. “We aim to ignite curiosity and critical thinking among our students and the community.”