We prepare teachers who are reflective, collaborative, and justice-oriented, who:

  • Cultivate active critical reflection and questioning—to learn from practice, improve practice, and support teacher learning as a lifelong process of growth.
  • Create productive and challenging learning environments—to support and assess student intellectual, social and emotional growth, active engagement, and sense of belonging.
  • Interrogate their own biases and social location—to actively pursue culturally responsive practice and contribute collaboratively to the ongoing work of equity.

The liberal arts mission of the university shapes our focus on critical analysis, rich knowledge of self and others, and apt written and oral expression with a particular emphasis on writing that is grounded in the day-to-day world of education – planning documents, analyses of student artifacts, and reflections on practice.

The Washington Administrative Code W.A.C. includes standards for program approval. Standard 5 identifies four areas for teacher certification: (1) effective teaching, 2) professional development, 3) teaching as a profession, and 4) performance assessment. The M.A.T. program is intentionally designed to support candidates to meet the standards for residency certification. View Residency Teacher standards.