The Office of Institutional Research provides accurate data, clarifies its meaning, and, through the active use of that data, advances the University of Puget Sound's mission.

We aspire to be an integral part of a Puget Sound culture where data is sought after, creates conversation, and is used to actuate positive change on campus and throughout higher education.


Integrity: We are committed to the accuracy, honesty, and reliability of the data we house and share, whether we are the owner of that data or not.

Collaboration: We believe that we work best when we work together, sharing data, information, and resources, within our office, across the campus, and throughout higher education.

Flexibility: We believe that our work is in constant flux, and we are committed to being nimble enough to embrace and respond to change, regardless of whether that change is internally generated or externally imposed.

Courage: We believe in transparency; that it is our duty to share findings, whether celebrations or challenges and in integrating our knowledge in campus conversations.

Curiosity: We value a progressive approach to continually learn, especially about campus trends and throughout higher education.

Collegiality: We value our relationships with campus constituencies and other offices and work toward understanding their work and our role in their work.