Presented by Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS)

  • CHWS presents Decrease Your Risk Training, an educational workshop for students.
  • CHWS presents the 6 Pack of Common Sense workshops during new student orientation.
  • CHWS uses Puget Sound campus research statistics in a social norms advertising campaign, which includes posters, newspaper ads, and other communications to create accurate perceptions of student alcohol use.
  • CHWS offers substance use assessments, appropriate treatment, and referral for intensive treatment.
  • e-CHUG is an online assessment and feedback tool for students to learn more about alcohol.

Presented by the Residence Life Office

  • The Residence Life office provides alcohol education outreach efforts in residence halls via first residence meetings of the year, distribution of posters on alcohol use and alcohol poisoning, and educational programs throughout the year.
  • The university offers a Substance-Free Floor and a Healthy Options Floor, where programming focuses on healthy lifestyle choices.
  • In Resident Assistant, Community Coordinator, and Orientation Leader Training, alcohol abuse prevention is an obvious discussion topic.
  • Puget Sound's Alcohol and Drug Policy, including specific guidelines for alcohol permits and alcohol violations, is clearly stated in the student handbook, The Logger. If such guidelines are violated, students may be subject to judicial sanctions and/or required educational programs (Decrease Your Risk Training or Substance Use Assessment).

Presented by ASUPS, the Off-Campus Student Committee, and the Student Affairs Division

  • In collaboration with ASUPS, the Off-Campus Student Committee offers a "Party Smart" program, disseminates educational information to off-campus students, and hosts an open forum regarding alcohol abuse prevention.
  • The Division of Student Affairs and ASUPS sponsor many alcohol-free social activities, including the Midnight Breakfast series, films, concerts, lectures, dances, etc. No campus-wide events are held where alcohol is served.

Presented by the Athletic Department

  • The Athletics Department addresses NCAA and campus alcohol and hazing policies at team meetings and sponsors educational speakers on alcohol misuse.
  • The Athletic Department prohibits the use of alcohol at athletic events or in athletic facilities.

Presented by Fraternities and Sororities

  • Fraternities and sororities provide alcohol education programs facilitated by Chapter Advisors and Educational Leadership Consultants, and cosponsor nationally recognized speakers on alcohol abuse prevention.
  • The Greek community sponsors campus-wide and chapter activities that are alcohol-free events.
  • The Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils have Judicial Boards to address alcohol violations and a joint Risk Management policy.
  • In accord with the National Panhellenic Resolution 2000, Puget Sound's Panhellenic Council passed a resolution in the fall of 2000 declaring that no sorority social events will be held in fraternity facilities alcohol is present.
  • Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and all sororities operate substance-free chapter houses.

Presented by Security Services

  • Security Services explains university policy and Washington State Laws at the point of violation.
  • Security Services contacts groups with approved permits to explain event expectations.
  • All university functions that include alcohol must obtain both university and state approval.
  • Security Services assess for alcohol poisoning and determines if a hospital visit is necessary.