The University of Puget Sound has long been concerned with improving educational outcomes. Certainly, the university is committed to producing the best possible outcomes for its own students. An important element in the School of Education’s mission is to train and educate teachers and administrators who can improve educational outcomes for students from kindergarten through high school. Under the direction of Professor Dexter Gordon, the African American Studies program is committed to improving the delivery of educational opportunities to the historically under-served minority populations.

The university has joined with Tacoma’s Black Collective, local school districts, and the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to explore ways to raise student outcomes in areas demonstrating underachievement. The project is exploring ways to augment and supplement traditional classroom instruction so student achievement increases. Exploring extracurricular programs, family-based activities, and community support are at the center of this effort.

This project also supports the university’s Race & Pedagogy Initiative, a long-term effort to raise awareness about educational issues for minority students. The Race and Pedagogy seminars and activities will help to inform broad-issue discussions for the Educational Achievement and Assessment project.