Research in my lab examines the behavioral and microbial ecology of animals, with special interest in reproductive behavior, animal ornamentation, and evolutionary theory

View into Cave Creek Canyon, Cochise County, AZ

My focal species are lizards of the desert southwest, and much of my field work occurs in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains of southeast Arizona.

A long-term interest of my lab group has been the function and regulation of female-specific ornaments, which we study in the context of sexual selection theory. With my newest line of research, we are examining the role of microbes in protecting lizard eggs from environmental pathogens in the absence of parental care. I describe these and other lines of research in more detail on the Weiss Labs Research Projects website.

I enjoy working with students in both the field and the laboratory. I encourage students to develop full ownership of their research projects, which can be based on my ongoing research or motivated by other interests of the student. Although I currently work with lizards, I am open to mentoring student projects on other taxa. If you have an interest in behavioral and/or microbial ecology, animal communication, reproductive behavior and physiology, desert ecology, lizards, etc. please feel free to contact me about research opportunities with my lab group.