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Summer Term Costs & Aid

Tuition is charged on a per unit basis. One unit is equivalent to four (4) semester hours and to six (6) quarter hours of credit. Students enrolled for less than one academic unit are charged at a corresponding percentage of the full unit rate. Students registering for two or more academic units may enroll in one activity class without charge.

Summer Term 2020

Units Cost
1 unit $4,880
2 units $9,760
3 units $14,640
4 units $19,520

Summer Study Abroad Programs

All students participating in summer study abroad programs will be billed for their program costs through Puget Sound. Students will pay the cost of their specific program plus a $500 program fee. The payment deadline for summer study abroad programs is the first day of Summer Term 1. Deposit deadlines, tuition, and terms for each program are detailed on your International Programs Financial Agreement.