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Summer Term Costs & Aid

The Summer 2020 undergraduate tuition rate is $4,880 per unit, 25% less than the per unit rate for the 2019-20 academic year which is $6500.  Puget Sound scholarships and grants are not available during summer term, federal financial aid is available if enrolled at least half time. 

  • Tuition is charged on a per unit basis. One unit is equivalent to four (4) semester hours and to six (6) quarter hours of credit.
  • Students enrolled for less than one academic unit are charged at a corresponding percentage of the full unit rate.
  • Students registering for two or more academic units may enroll in one activity class without charge.

Summer Term Undergraduate Enrollment Costs

Units Cost
1 unit $4,880
2 units $9,760
3 units $14,640
4 units $19,520

Master of Arts in Teaching 

  • MAT students finishing their final 1.5 units of the program summer 2020 will be charged a per unit rate of $3755, a total of $5632.50.  Federal student loans are available to assist with this expense. 
  • Students who have not taken the two prerequisites EDUC 419 and EDUC 420 take these prior to beginning the MAT program in Fall 2020.  The tuition rate is $2935 per course needed.

Third Year Physical Therapy Students (special enrollment due to COVID-19)

  • Students will enroll in their 3.75 units of on campus coursework typically taken during the fall semester during Summer 2020, the cost is $5,070 a unit or a total of $19,012.50. Federal student loans are available to assist with this expense.
  • The PT Internship/Clinical typically taken during the summer will now be delayed to Fall 2020

Masters of Education (Professional Educators)

  • Public and private school certified employees and students in the Master of Education (MEd) program are eligible for a special Summer Term tuition rate of $4,065 per unit.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

All students participating in summer study abroad programs will be billed for their program costs through Puget Sound. Students will pay the cost of their specific program plus a $500 program fee. The payment deadline for summer study abroad programs is the first day of Summer Term 1. Deposit deadlines, tuition, and terms for each program are detailed on your International Programs Financial Agreement.