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Study Abroad Costs & Aid

Puget Sound has a strong commitment to a globally-focused curriculum. One of the multiple facets of that commitment is study abroad. Student Financial Services plays an important role in helping students plan their finances for a successful study abroad experience.

Puget Sound continues to engage in work to ensure that we are able to maintain an academically strong and financially viable study abroad program.

Fall and Spring Study Abroad Programs -- 2018-19

Students are charged Puget Sound tuition and fees for their study abroad program.  If the program includes housing and meals (all or partial board plan), the student will also be charged the Puget Sound rate for housing and meals. 

Program fees will be assessed for study abroad based on the cost of individual study abroad programs relative to the cost of Puget Sound tuition, and are used to support students prior to and during their study abroad experience. There are three program fee tiers, ranging between $300 up to $2400, with the majority of program fees falling at the $300 tier.

For more information, please contact the office of International Programs.

Students studying abroad will be able to apply both need-based and merit-based financial aid, including Puget Sound scholarships and grants, to their study abroad program.  

Federal and State Financial Aid
For eligible students, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Washington State Need Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford/Direct Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans may be used for Puget Sound study abroad programs. Work study benefits are not transferable to the study abroad program charge.

Puget Sound Scholarships and Grants
Puget Sound scholarships and grants are available for use on study abroad programs to students who demonstrate financial need.

  • Students who complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and demonstrate financial need may use, in conjunction with federal and state aid, their Puget Sound scholarships and grants up to their level of financial need.
  • Students who do not complete the FAFSA or demonstrate financial need are not eligible for Puget Sound scholarships during their semester abroad.

Please consult with Student Financial Services to determine the amount of your Puget Sound scholarships and grants that will be available for study abroad.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

All students participating in summer study abroad programs will be billed for their program costs through Puget Sound. Students will pay the cost of their specific program plus a $500 program fee. The payment deadline for summer study abroad programs is the first day of Summer Term 1. Deposit deadlines, tuition, and terms for each program are detailed on your International Programs Financial Agreement.

Summer Financial Aid
If the summer study abroad program is worth 2 or more academic units, students may be eligible to borrow up to 1/3 of their federal loans for the academic year. No institutional aid is available for summer study abroad. To apply for summer financial aid, please complete the Summer AFA.


Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

Because Puget Sound makes financial commitments on the student's behalf well in advance of the start of the program, the following cancellation provisions exist:

Student Withdrawal

  1. Up to the tenth day of class at Puget Sound: 100% Study Abroad Tuition, Room and Board refund less a $100 cancellation fee and any non-recoverable costs charged to Puget Sound by the program provider. The financial aid award will be evaluated to determine whether any portion of a student's financial aid must be returned in accordance with institutional policy and/or federal and state regulatory requirements.
  2. After the tenth day of class at Puget Sound: Study Abroad Tuition, Room and Board will not be refunded. Recoverable costs refunded to Puget Sound by the program provider will be reimbursed to the student. The financial aid award will be evaluated to determine whether any portion of a student's financial aid must be returned in accordance with institutional policy and/or federal and state regulatory requirements. (International Programs and Student Financial Services will work case-by-case with any spring student who withdraws from a southern hemisphere program having a departure date after the tenth day of class.)

Cancellation of the Program

In the event a program is canceled, students may be eligible for a refund less any non-recoverable costs, pro-rated based on the date of the program cancellation. Puget Sound and the program provider will work together to offer alternate arrangements for continuation of your studies.

Things to do before you go abroad

Check the status of your financial aid on your Cascade account. Be sure that all financial aid requirements have been met well before you leave.


If you anticipate receiving outside scholarship, grant, or private student loan checks that are made payable to you and require your signature, you should complete a Limited Power of Attorney form. This form permits you to appoint a relative or friend to act on your behalf for the limited purpose of endorsing and depositing checks to your student account at Puget Sound.