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The Matelich Scholarship at Puget Sound

WANTED: Leaders with a purpose

Matelich Scholarship Application

For Matelich scholars, leadership begins with great intention. They make a difference through their character and commitment and positively impact and inspire their communities. For them, college is about more than building a resume. These scholars embark on challenging paths to achieve personal goals while clearly recognizing the importance of giving back to their community along the way. Every year, two Matelich Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students. Any incoming first-year student can apply and will be considered. Current Matelich scholars perform extraordinarily well in their coursework while leading in a wide range of activities on campus, including independent research, business, outdoor education, music, community service, and international aid work – just to name a few. The award was established in 2010 through the generosity of George E. Matelich ’78 and Susan E. Matelich.

George E. Matelich ’78 on giving back and the importance of providing opportunities for future generations:

Becoming a Matelich Scholar

Selection Process

Selection for the Matelich Scholarship is highly competitive. Only two Matelich Scholarships will be awarded to first-year students entering the university each fall. Successful candidates demonstrate exceptional motivation, excellent academic potential, a commitment to service, outstanding integrity, and unmatched leadership potential. Matelich Scholars are recognized campus leaders and will continue on paths of leadership after they become alumni.

While many Matelich Scholarships are awarded to students with financial need, all qualified applicants, regardless of need, are considered.

Applicants must submit a completed admission application and the scholarship application by Dec. 15 (extended from Dec. 1). 10 finalists will be invited to campus for an interview. Two Matelich Scholarships will be awarded.

Scope of Award

The Matelich Scholarship covers 100 percent of Puget Sound’s tuition and fees (standard double room, standard medium meal plan, and student government fee) for up to four years of undergraduate education at the University of Puget Sound. First-year recipients may retain the award for up to three additional years of undergraduate study. Scholarship recipients:

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.50 or higher or rank in the top quarter of their class. Students who lose eligibility for the scholarship for any reason may not apply for reinstatement.
  • Demonstrate, in measurable ways, academic, professional, service, and leadership development.
  • Exhibit consistent good judgment, discipline, and integrity in their pursuits and activities.
  • Participate with the growing and supportive cohort of Matelich Scholars and become involved with the selection process of future scholars.
  • Write a report at the conclusion of each academic year detailing their work and pursuits of the prior year as they relate to their qualifications for the Matelich Scholarship and as they relate to their goals for growth for the year.

The university is committed to supporting Matelich Scholars during their enrollment at Puget Sound. The scholarship’s faculty advisor works with each scholar to ensure that she or he is pursuing and attaining the scholar’s ambitious academic, professional, and service/leadership goals. At the start of each semester, the advisor and scholar review goals for the period and set appropriate achievement benchmarks. The advisor reviews with each student his or her annual report before the beginning of the academic year.

Important Dates

Date Event / Due Date
December 15 Admission application and Matelich Scholarship application due to University of Puget Sound
February Finalists notified
March 8 and 9 Finalists interviewed on the Puget Sound campus
April 1 Matelich Scholarship awardees and alternates notified

Current Matelich Scholars

Matelich Scholars pursue a wide range of academic majors and leadership activities. Current Matelich Scholars are leaders in religious life, athletics, research, outdoor education, the campus visit program, international aid work, Greek life, and more

About the Matelich Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Matelich are both the first members of their families to graduate from four year universities. Through the establishment of this scholarship they wish to provide future generations of students with the opportunity to pursue a life-changing Puget Sound education. In return, Mr. and Mrs. Matelich encourage Matelich Scholars to “pay it forward” by supporting the scholarship financially as alumni.

Recipients of the Matelich Scholarship enter a promising lifetime relationship with the University of Puget Sound. They continue the legacy of Puget Sound graduates who have undertaken a commitment to make a difference in the world by becoming leaders in their professional and personal lives. As mentors, class officers, donors, members of the Alumni Council and, if asked to serve, members of the Puget Sound Board of Trustees, Puget Sound Scholars enhance and energize the university in meaningful ways.