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Current Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Scholarship application period for 2021-2022 is NOW OPEN until March 31

The following scholarships require an application for consideration. Please review each one carefully and be sure to submit all required application materials by Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 to Student Financial Services. 

Scholarship applications can be submitted via email to Joan Potter (, fax (253-879-8508), in person (Jones Hall 019, Office hours M/T/T 10am-3pm), or via mail (Student Financial Services 1500 N. Warner Street #1039 Tacoma, WA 98416). 

In addition to the application-based scholarships listed below, there are also a limited number of scholarships established by Puget Sound alumni and friends that do not require a separate application for consideration and are awarded in late spring on an annual basis. Priority is given to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA.

Please Note: Puget Sound scholarships and grants may only be applied towards Puget Sound tuition. If a student receives other scholarships, grants, stipends, tuition remission or tuition exchange assistance designated to be used only for tuition and the sum of these awards exceed the cost of tuition, the scholarship or grant will be reduced or withdrawn until the amount of the tuition designed scholarships equal the amount of tuition. In cases where a student is receiving a “full need commitment” financial aid package such as Posse, Tacoma Public Schools (TPS), or Access Programs, any additional scholarship awarded is subject to reduce other need-based grant assistance to ensure demonstrated financial need for the academic year is not exceeded.

Asian/Pacific Islander Scholarship
The Asian/Pacific Islander Scholarship was created in 2017 by members of the Asian/Pacific Islander Collective and the Asian Student Community in order to alleviate financial barriers to higher education for A/PI students.

Black Student Union One More Scholarship
Established by the Black Student Union of Puget Sound, eligible recipients will be currently enrolled Puget Sound students who demonstrate financial need with an emphasis on applicants who identify as Black and/or African American (including biracial and multiracial black students).

Harry Cain Memorial Scholarship
Students who plan to enter the field of public administration or public service.

Collier Interdisciplinary Scholarship
Students pursuing interdisciplinary studies drawing on both the sciences and non-science disciplines.

Collier Pleneurethic Scholarship
Students pursuing studies in the fields of philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, or natural sciences.

Hurley Community Service Scholarship
Students engaging in planned and focused community service projects.

Latin American Heritage Leadership Scholarship 
Latin American Heritage Student Organization (LAHSO) funds this scholarship to support Puget Sound’s Latine-identifying student population.

LGBT Leadership Scholarship
Students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at Puget Sound.

Kathy Phibbs Memorial Scholarship
Female students who have a strong interest in history.

Spiritual & Religious Life Scholarships & Mentorships
Students interested in both on-campus and lifelong spiritual and religious leadership.  This application applies to the following awards: Religious Leadership Award, Spiritual Life Leaders Mentorship, Cyrus Ames Wright Scholarship, and K. James Davis Chaplain's Award for Spirituality & Justice. 

Women's League Scholarships
Established by the University of Puget Sound Women's League, these scholarships aim to support students who demonstrate academic merit, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities. This application is open to all current undergraduate students, including men.

Thanking Donors

To help build strong relationships with our donors, scholarship recipients will be asked to write a brief thank you letter acknowledging the generosity of the donors responsible for their scholarship.