Sports Physical Therapy

Course Description/Overview
This course provides third-year physical therapy students with an opportunity for advanced study in physical therapy–sports medicine. Physical therapists are increasingly seen as essential contributors to the sports medicine team. This course will emphasize the collaborative nature of sports medicine. Students will work with physicians, athletic trainers, and strength/conditioning professionals in order to best serve the active/athletic population.  Classroom instruction will include a review of the evidence associated with key topics in sports medicine, analysis of selected sport techniques and pathomechanics, and the evidence for injury prevention interventions. National subject matter experts in nutrition and sports performance will join us remotely to share their insights and answer our questions. Practical skills developed will include: planning a sport-specific dynamic warm-up; taping and bracing; pre-game, on-field, and post-game examination/treatment procedures; and planning and managing a sports medicine service for the community. Planning for this course will begin in the summer, with student input heavily influencing the content and method of dissemination.