Meet our Academic Consultants

The Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching also supports students as they learn the many unspoken "rules" of college: how to better advocate for themselves with faculty, how to be proactive in their use of time, how to develop more strategic approaches to reading, how to study effectively for exams, how to set up a planner, and other skills that, while important, don't fit neatly within a single discipline. We can even help you with your email etiquette and just how to word that tricky request to your professor! 

Peer Academic Consultants are specially trained to help students improve their time management skills, organization, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Our Peer Academic Consultants are available to meet with students individually to help problem-solve academic challenges involving more than one issue or class, and to help them connect with the network of free Puget Sound academic support services. Academic consultants are not private coaches: they are not assigned to specific students and cannot meet on an on-going basis as part of an academic improvement plan or maintenance for executive functioning impairments. They can, however, help make some of the expectations of college academics more explicit and teach specific skills that students can later use on their own. 

To make an appointment with a Peer Academic Consultant, fill out this appointment request form, call 253.879.3404 or stop by Howarth 105 in person. 


Noah Bader-Fourney

Noah Bader-Fourney, Chemistry Tutor & Peer Academic Consultant

Hello! I'm Noah, and hey, I know chemistry can be intimidating. I look forward to working with you, and helping with any chemistry challenges that you may have. As for me, I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. I have lived most of my live between Boise and Australia; and if I’m not in Harned (my second home), you can find me splitting my time between whitewater kayaking and cycling. A few of my favorite things include airplanes, really strong coffee, and traveling. So, come visit me, I’d love to meet you! In terms of classes, I have taken CHEM 110/120, CHEM 230, CHEM 320, CHEM 250/251, CHEM 460/461. 


Hours: Sun 6-8pm, Tu 12-2pm & 8-9pm, Th 11am-1pm

Major: Chemistry

Tomicia Blunt

Tomicia Blunt, Writing Advisor & Peer Academic Consultant

Hi! My name is Tomicia Blunt, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a junior from San Francisco, CA. I am a Communication Studies and business minor. I am interested in dogs, fashion, art, music and their influence in culture. If you see me in the CWLT or Diversions say hi, I’d love to chat.‚Äč


Hours: M 11am-12pm, 3-4pm (Drop-In) & 4-6pm, Tu 11am-12pm, W 6-7pm, F 11am-12pm

Major: Communication Studies
Other emphases: Business


Will Keyse

Will Keyse, Writing Advisor & Peer Academic Consultant

Hi fellow Loggers-- my name is Will Keyse and I'm a senior hailing from Denver, Colorado returning for my third year at the CWLT. As both writing advisor and peer academic consultant, I'm here to talk about all things writing and everything else that goes into ~doing~ college to be an effective student. Outside the C-Dub, I love studying languages, playing basketball, trying new foods, bringing out my poor dance moves and doing crossword puzzles. Feel free to make an appointment with me or swing by my drop-in hour!


Hours: M 11am-1pm & 7-9pm, Tu 1-3pm & 7-9pm, W 1-2pm, Th 6-8pm 

Majors: Politics and Government

Other emphases: Spanish