Steering Committee for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Steering Committee for Enterprise Resource Planning is chartered to manage Puget Sound's investment by overseeing the projects portfolio and approving policy related to use of ERP components. The committee meets on a regular basis and in ad hoc sessions as needed for making informed, timely decisions.

Lori Gobble, Associate Vice President for Finance
Janet Hallman, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis
John Hickey, Associate Vice President for Business Services and Community Engagement
Bob Kief, Associate Vice President for Facilities Services
Sunil Kukreja, Associate Academic Dean
Donn Marshall, Associate Dean of Students
Cindy Matern, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Career and Employment Services
Deirdre McGoldrick, Senior Admission Technologist
Gayle McIntosh, Executive Director of Communications
Maggie Mittuch, Associate Vice President for Student Financial Services
Ellen Peters, Director of Institutional Research
Brad Tomhave, University Registrar
Sean Vincent, Director of University Relations Information Services
Landon Wade, Director of Academic Advising
William Morse, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Technology Services