Staffcomms Listserv Submission Procedure

The staffcomms-l listserv is a vehicle through which the Staff Senate can share information about policy and governance to staff members. It also provides an avenue for campus subgroups to formally invite staff member participation in campus events.

Staff senate is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to supporting and advocating for staff in partnership with faculty, students, and the greater community. We are continually proud of the work our colleagues are doing, often in a volunteer capacity, and want to continue to support these efforts. In order to do so, and to remain responsive to our paid positions, changes to our communications through staffcomms are needed.

Staff Senate will send one email every Tuesday. To be included in that email, please submit your request to by 5pm the Friday before.

Please summarize your message in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to include contact name and email as well as a link for more information or attach a PDF with more details which will be included in the message. Any questions, comments, or inquiries received via Staff Senate email in response to the weekly announcements will be forwarded to the individual department, or program for follow-up. 

Upcoming events, such as ongoing speaker and/or web series, should be submitted using this form to the Office of Communications for inclusion on the university’s event calendar.

We appreciate your flexibility, understanding, and grace as we continue to navigate an ever-changing world.

Please reach out to Staff Senate with any questions you may have.

Staff Senate
1500 N. Warner St. #1036
Tacoma, WA 98416-1036