Returner Candidate Process

[The information below was for 2021-2022 applications and may be out of date. If you are looking for Alternate Applications, please go here.]


Returner candidates are students reapplying for a residence life position, or students who have in the past or are currently serving as an RA, RCC, or GHC at the University of Puget Sound. Returner Applications are available now

As a returning team member, you will be a leader within your residential community and also within your staff team. You will have the opportunity to face new challenges and take on greater amounts of responsibility. You will be able to build upon skills you have developed over the past year and increase your levels of proficiency with the Residence Life leader competencies. You will create a new experience while drawing on your experience acquired in previous years.

Residence Life holds returning team members to higher expectations than new members, including taking initiative to develop community and unity within leadership teams, accepting active roles during staff training opportunities throughout the year, assisting new members in understanding university policy and procedures, and working on special projects and committees.

We wish to make the experience of reapplying both educational and beneficial for applicants. Therefore, the reapplication process is designed to help you reflect upon your past experiences and to utilize these reflections as you evaluate your desire to return to staff.

All returning candidates must complete the Returning Candidate Application.

Selection Process for returners

  1. Submit application by February 22, 11:59pm.
  2. Present a brief presentation to professional staff on the following topic: Support a new student leader through creating and executing a Community Engagement. Consider addressing how you support the new leader, what considerations do you make for the engagement opportunity, and how do you empower a new leader?
  3. Final Offers made via email on April 2.

Important Training Dates

Be sure to review the Important Dates to be sure you can commit.