Meet our Student Leaders

Meet our Student Leaders

More than 60 student leaders comprise our team of peer residential support. They are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a variety of experiences, strengths, and knowledge about resources on campus.

Student Leadership Team

Residence Life Student Leaders

Each residence hall area has a live-in staff consisting of one Resident Programming Advisor and two to seven Resident Assistants or Resident Community Coordinators. Together, the RPA (Resident Programming Assistant), RAs, and RCCs support and assist residents in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. These student leaders serve as wonderful first-step resources and referral agents for residents as they acclimate to life at Puget Sound and utilize campus and community offices and services.

Each student leader goes through an intensive summer training, as well as monthly continued training seminars throughout the year, to prepare them for this role. There is at least one staff member on-call each night, who performs outreach throughout the hall and assures the safety and well-being of all residents.

Due to the unique nature of the houses with their neighborhoods, Smith and Oppenheimer Halls, and Trimble and Thomas' suite/flat-style accommodations, student staff in these areas are called Resident Community Coordinators (RCCs), but still essentially function as resources and support for their communities.

Similarly, Greek chapter houses are unique in their organization.  As such, each Greek chapter house is supported by one Greek House Coordinator (GHC) who functions as a resource to the community as well as a liaison between Residence Life and their respective chapter.  

Interested in joining residence life as a student-leader? Read more about our positions and our selection process.

Resident Director: Cooper

  • Aldrin Villahermosa 
  • Zeno DeLeon Guerrero Jr (RPA)
  • Oscar Edwards-Hughes
  • Kaitlyn Webster
  • Emily Kieny
  • Yuuki Hashimoto
  • Hunter Nakama
  • Ashley Rot
  • Hannah Marx
  • Emma Wong
  • Willow Perlick
  • Nola Thury (Outdoor Exploration)
  • Liv Reintsma (RPA)

Resident Director: Sam Harwood

  • Ianna Lull
  • Anna Anderson
  • Daniel Espinoza Vega
  • Reed Smith
  • Matthew Bell
  • Danny Charney (RPA)
  • Shayla Tyler
  • Olivia Faulkner
  • Leona DeRango
  • Laure Mounts
  • Ernestina Savage
  • Naloni Haskins (RPA)
  • Susanna Schuler
  • Cyrus Shafiei
  • Luke Groenveld
  • David Shireman

Resident Director: Francisco Perez

  • Cassidy Magrath
  • Janae Paige
  • Basil Engledow
  • Michael Cook
  • Meghan Schuyler
  • Livi Mrdjan
  • Alex King
  • Lisa Owen
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Tahseen Tanatrah (Posse)
  • Tristan Darnell (RPA)
  • Chris Carpenter

Resident Director: Robert Magdaleno

  • Tim Lu (Michel Rocchi International District)
  • Amelia Boyer
  • Helena Marlowe (Honors)
  • Julian Bieganski
Greek Houses
  • Alpha Phi - Noelle Kerr
  • Beta - Arlo Johnson
  • G Phi - Cori Wong
  • Theta - Annelise Phelps
  • Pi Phi - Qing Wenes
  • Phi Delt - Aaron Thompson
  • SAE - Declan Peloso
  • Sigma Chi - Marshall Casebeer
On-Campus Houses
  • Kayla Ferguson (including Tri Delta)
  • Lauren Clarke Beaber
  • Louisa Cryan
  • Tatiana Klein
  • Jed Pageler
  • Leila Loaiza
  • Josh Weintraub
  • Maya Horten
  • Ruthy McBride