All students are required to sign a copy of the terms and conditions regarding the financial obligations for their specific study abroad program.

Program Deposit: Upon acceptance to the program, you will be billed directly by the provider for a non-refundable enrollment deposit. You will need to pay this directly to your program provider. Failure to meet the deposit deadline may result in the withdrawal of your application and ineligibility to participate. Your program deposit will be credited to your Puget Sound student account and the amount will be removed from your final study abroad billing.

Puget Sound Bill: You will be charged the Puget Sound rate for tuition and fees, the student government fee, room (unless your program does not provide housing), and board (depending on the number of meals per week provided by your program). Also, please note that if your enrollment or other program fees change, Puget Sound reserves the right to adjust your billing statement accordingly.

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Students may apply both need-based and merit-based financial aid, including Puget Sound scholarships and grants, to their Puget Sound bill for the term(s) they are approved to study abroad.

Confirmation and Billing: Enrollment for the semester is confirmed when the required payment for the semester has been received by Student Financial Services by the payment deadline. You are required to submit the initial payment by the payment deadline just as you would if you were enrolling in classes on campus. The payment deadline is August 15 for the fall term and January 15 for the spring term.

Additional Expenses: There are a number of expenses you will need to consider that are not billed by Puget Sound. These expenses may include food, books, airfare, local transportation, passport and visa fees, medical insurance, immunizations, security deposit if applicable, and any other personal expenses. (Review program provider’s website for information on additional expenses.)

Additional Provider Charges: You may be billed directly by your program provider for insurance, excursions, course fees, or other program costs. Please contact your program provider directly for questions concerning these charges.

Housing Policy: All Puget Sound students, on any program, must stay in program-approved housing. Students are not permitted to find their own accommodations or independent housing while abroad. Some programs allow students to seek their own accommodations outside of the housing provided by the study abroad program either at the beginning of the program or after completing some portion of the program. This is not permitted for Puget Sound students.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy: Because Puget Sound makes financial commitments on the student's behalf well in advance of the start of the program, the following cancellation provisions exist:

  • Student Withdrawal

1. Up to the tenth day of class at Puget Sound: 100% Study Abroad Tuition, Room and Board refund less a $100 cancellation fee and any non-recoverable costs charged to Puget Sound by the program provider. The financial aid award will be evaluated to determine whether any portion of a student's financial aid must be returned in accordance with institutional policy and/or federal and state regulatory requirements.

2. After the tenth day of class at Puget Sound: Study Abroad Tuition, Room and Board will not be refunded. Recoverable costs refunded to Puget Sound by the program provider will be reimbursed to the student. The financial aid award will be evaluated to determine whether any portion of a student's financial aid must be returned in accordance with institutional policy and/or federal and state regulatory requirements. (International Programs and Student Financial Services will work case-by-case with any spring student who withdraws from a southern hemisphere program having a departure date after the tenth day of class.)

  • Cancellation of the Program

In the event a program is canceled, students may be eligible for a refund less any non-recoverable costs, pro-rated based on the date of the program cancellation. Puget Sound and the program provider will work together to offer alternate arrangements for continuation of your studies.

Financial Aid/Student Account Credit Balance:

1. Financial aid is disbursed to your student account at the beginning of each semester. If there are any remaining funds on your student account after charges are paid, you must submit a refund request to Student Financial Services ( Refunds cannot be issued until the first day of the semester.

2. You are strongly encouraged to establish your eRefund profile in the Bill + Payment system so that your refund can be Direct Deposited to your bank account. If you need assistance in setting up your eRefund profile please contact Student Financial Services before your departure for your program (