1. Why am I being charged a program fee?

Students who study abroad through Puget Sound receive extensive support prior to and during their study abroad experience from various offices of the college. In addition to the Office of International Programs, Puget Sound study abroad students are supported by the Registrar, Student Financial Services, Business Services, Technology Services, Collins Library, Center for Writing, Learning and Teaching, other Academic and Student Affairs support resources, as well as faculty advisers. The program fee covers, in part, the cost of this support.

2. The program that I’m interested in has a high program fee. Is there another program available for a lower fee?

There are a wide variety of programs from which to choose, including those with low fees ($300). To learn more about options that meet your study abroad objectives, please consult with a staff member in the International Programs office in Howarth Hall 215 and talk to your academic advisor.

3. Is a program fee common?

It is not unusual for colleges such as Puget Sound to have a program fee structure associated with study abroad. The Puget Sound study abroad program fee structure will be evaluated and adjusted if needed on an annual basis to maintain a workable approach to achieving the goals of maximum student participation and financial sustainability.

4. I am concerned about my ability to pay a program fee. Who can help me with my questions?

Any time Puget Sound students have questions about their ability to pay tuition and fees, they should be in touch with their Student Financial Services financial aid counselor in Jones Hall 019. Financial aid counselors are here to support all students and their families, and are happy to assist.