Phoenix Stoker-Graham ’24 researched how community gardens can reduce food insecurity in Tacoma.

If you wander through the city of Tacoma, you’ll likely come across a small garden tucked into the corner of a neighborhood, on the edge of a park, or behind a church, overflowing with tomatoes, peas, and zucchini. These community gardens, tended by volunteers, aren’t just for show. They’re a critical piece of Pierce County’s food network and could be a powerful tool in reducing food insecurity.

Phoenix Stoker-Graham ’24 is a Puget Sound student majoring in international political economy with a minor in sociology and anthropology. He’s also a native of Tacoma and is interested in how food systems can keep the city’s most vulnerable residents from going hungry. So, he set out to learn how community gardens can use their limited resources to make the biggest impact.