Tacoma, Wash. — Professor Stacey Weiss, associate chair of biology and William L. McCormick Professor of Natural Sciences at the University of Puget Sound, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Lynwood W. Swanson Scientific Research Award by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. The award was presented to Professor Weiss at the Murdock College Science Research Conference in Vancouver, Washington, on Nov. 10.

Weiss is well-known for her research in the fields of behavioral and microbial ecology. Her work focuses on the function and regulation of microbiomes in wild animals, reproductive behavior, and animal communication signals. Weiss is also committed to mentoring students, helping them gain valuable field and lab experience and encouraging them to take ownership of their research.

One of Weiss’ notable contributions includes her research into the communication signals of female striped plateau lizards, which explored the links between female coloration and the health of offspring. This work, published in the Journal of Animal Ecology in 2011, garnered international attention, with coverage in publications such as Smithsonian Magazine, Natural History Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and other media outlets.